Rahim Electronics and N Islam Trading on TOA Asia Pacific Official Facebook Page!

Lately, Rahim Electronics and N Islam Trading were featured on the official Facebook Page of TOA Corporation - Asia-Pacific region after the visit of acting Managing Director Mr. Nishino Takashi, accompanied by General Manager of Sales Mr. Caleb Chan and Accounts Manager Mr. Raymond Loy.

Mr. Nishino after starting his office from the 1st of January 2018 has already set up for a very busy schedule. Being a part of TOA's R&D for a long time, he understood that to take TOA to the next level, they must understand the end users and the local market.

As a part of the plan, Mr. Caleb and Mr. Raymond visited Bangladesh on 4th of February. A special team from Rahim Electronics received them from the airport. On the next day, Mr. Nishino Takashi flew all the way from Japan. This time the two officers of TOA and Rahim Electronics team greeted him from the airport.

The next day he visited Rahim Electronics and N Islam Trading and discussed important business issues which can benefit both sides. He was welcomed with bouquets of flower in both the stores.

During his first visit in Bangladesh, he was mesmerized by the hospitality and proud culture of Bangladesh. He even found some time to experience the 'Rickshaw'. 

Mr. Nishino in his visit learned the deep underlying truth of Bangladesh culture and market. He believes as people become more aware of quality products demand of brands such as TOA will increase. He further assumes people will turn to real products and as a result purchase from authorized distributors.


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