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Michael Phelps and many other athletes had created history in the 'Birds Nest'. Yes, we are talking about the Beijing Olympics. But many don't know about a brand, which was clearly the bird in the great nest of Beijing.

The whole world had witnessed the greatest show of 2008 - "Beijing Olympics." TOA is proud to have provided sound systems for twenty-two Olympic-related venues, including the "Bird's Nest". Among the various systems, we provided for these sprawling Olympic facilities, the combination general-purpose and emergency public address system we installed in the Bird's Nest was the most extensive we've ever done. That we were able to design and build this system in such a short time and have it operate trouble-free for the duration of the event is a testament to TOA's advanced technical capacities.

TOA's advanced technology and steady sales efforts reverse initial disadvantage

For the Bird's Nest, TOA combined the following three systems to create a multi-functional system equipped to handle digital audio.

  • The SX-2000 Series smart matrix public address system, capable of sending audio from multiple sound sources to multiple broadcast zones in any desired configuration.
  • The VX-2000 Series large-scale combined general-purpose and emergency public address system, equipped with advanced functionality including malfunction detection systems and schedule control.
  • HX-5W-WP compact array speakers offering sound of superior clarity and excellent directionality control.

SX-2000   VX-2000

TOA began laying the groundwork to secure the Beijing Olympics contract early in 2006. From the very start our goal was to provide systems for the Bird's Nest, since we knew it would be the most important and prestigious venue. The sheer scale and high-profile nature of this facility presented various challenges, both technically and in terms of sales. Fortunately, we were able to work with our local subsidiary, TOA (CHINA) LIMITED. (TCL), to build the necessary broad network of connections, not only with the Chinese government, but also with local architects, construction firms, and emergency management and security specialists. In addition to our technical capabilities, our record of successful installation in airports other large facilities proved convincing and appealing to these, and helped us gradually build relationships of trust with the various parties involved. Our efforts were rewarded, and by July 2007 we had the order in hand for a public address system replete with our most advanced technologies.

Advanced large-scale audio system functioned flawlessly

One decisive factor in securing the order was the networking technology we've cultivated over the course of working on a wide diversity of large projects. It goes without saying that in the event of an emergency, it is unacceptable for there to be locations that emergency broadcasts don't reach, or to which announcements arrive late. With this in mind, we divided the Bird's Nest into four distinct zones, each with its own set of equipment, and used an integrated IP network to link them and implement centralized control. We designed this system so that even if one set of broadcast equipment fails, the others automatically cover its functionality, and in the event of an emergency, priority broadcasts are sent to all zones. Naturally such an advanced system also includes 24-hour monitoring to detect and recover from malfunctions. Our system also needed to meet specific Chinese legal standards. In accordance with emergency management statutes, we built an extremely robust new system that allowed emergency broadcasts to be operated using a PC. This proposal was evaluated very favorably by the Chinese government, and its approval gave the final push that landed us the coveted Bird's Nest contract.

PC Monitor Screen   Operation equipment 

Having received the order, we had just one year to complete the project, from redeveloping the necessary systems to customizing and integrating the various products and components involved. We were rewarded with a system that functioned flawlessly, just as designed, for the duration of the Olympic Games, a great success that has brought TOA a great deal of positive exposure. The Chinese market will surely only continue to grow, and we'll certainly be taking maximum advantage of our success with the Bird's Nest and other Olympic facilities to promote the TOA brand there.

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